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We are a qualified, fully staffed medical care center and clinic. We provide updated medical care and information for our clients so they can make the best decision regarding their unexpected pregnancy and sexual health.

We are also a place of support and hope for those who have had previous abortions and struggle with unexpressed emotions and feelings after their experience.

For those entering a new and exciting chapter into parenthood, we provide resources and education so you can find the confidence, community, and support you deserve during this journey.

Our Promise

It is our promise to you that at Albemarle Pregnancy Resource Center and Clinic, we will:

  • Always consider your health and wellness as a top priority.
  • Give you complete autonomy in the care you receive here.
  • Provide free, confidential appointments and services.
  • Provide all your options and give you the space and time you need to decide.
  • Be a warm, welcoming facility filled with compassionate individuals who are here to care for and listen to you.
  • Always provide medically accurate information so you can make an informed decision that’s right for you.
  • Be here for you no matter what you choose or how you decide to go about your care and wellness.
  • Be discreet and always protect your privacy.

A Note About Our Confidentiality

Trust is important to us. So, when you visit our facility, we want you to know we take protecting your privacy and confidentiality seriously.

All appointments, services, and results are protected medical information that we do not share with anyone but you.

As an accredited medical clinic, we adhere to strict confidentiality policies and procedures by meeting all HIPAA regulations and standard medical practices.

No one will be given your protected information unless you have specified this in written permission. Here at Albemarle PRCC, you control your care, health, and information.

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