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What Does Adoption Look Like?

Adoption has changed over the years, and contrary to Hollywood movies and shows, adoption is a process that empowers birthmothers to choose the adoption plan that works toward their goals and happiness, as well as the goals and happiness of the child and adoptive family.

Did You Know?

  • You, as the birthmother, get to choose the adoption plan.
  • Depending on the plan, you can choose the adoptive couple.
  • There are many options under the adoption umbrella to choose from.

You are in control of adoption. You can choose the living location, race, religious background, economic level preferences, and the number of children in the family of your child’s adoptive family.

There are an estimated 2 million families who are waiting with open arms to adopt a baby. When you choose adoption, you provide a hopeful couple with the immeasurable joy they’ve been waiting for.

What Type Of Adoption Is There?

There are three main types of adoption plans:

  • Open Adoption: Allows you to openly exchange identifying information and participate in open communication with the adoptive family. This way, you are still a large part of the child’s life and get to watch them grow and participate in their milestones.
  • Semi-Open Adoption: Allows you the space you need by communicating through an adoption professional, who can help you regulate how much contact you participate in.
  • Closed Adoption: closed adoption allows you to remain completely anonymous, and all identifying records will be legally sealed.

Considering Adoption?

If you believe adoption could be the right fit for you, reach out today, and we can help you understand this option more and refer you to an adoption agency.

Some women feel called to adoption, while others find this to be the right choice later. No matter how you feel, you owe it to yourself to explore adoption plans and see if one fits your life and goals!

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