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After receiving a positive pregnancy test result, ultrasounds are the next important step in the pregnancy confirmation process.

Ultrasounds provide information on all your options, and ensures the pregnancy is viable and developing as normal.

Lastly, ultrasounds help protect your health by ensuring the pregnancy is taking place in the right location.

Here at Albemarle, we provide ultrasounds at no cost so you can make an informed decision with all the facts.

How Do Ultrasounds Work?

Ultrasounds send out high-frequency sound waves that bounce back off tissue. These sound waves are then interpreted by a computer which creates an image on a screen.

Medical professionals can read these images and provide detailed information to patients that are important to their care.

Are Ultrasounds Safe?

Ultrasounds are considered very safe, and there are no known risks to this imaging process.

Why Should I Have An Ultrasound?

As previously stated, ultrasounds help to provide detailed information so you can make an informed decision on your care.

Information includes:

  • Location. In pregnancy, a complication that can occur is an ectopic pregnancy. When this happens, the pregnancy is located outside the uterus and can be dangerous to a woman’s health if not monitored and treated properly.
  • Gestational age. This is an important factor when contemplating what options are available to you. For example, the Mayo Clinic states after a certain number of weeks, medical abortion is no longer recommended.
  • Viability. Sometimes, not usually due to anything the woman has or has not done, a miscarriage or pregnancy loss occurs. Sometimes a silent miscarriage occurs, and no signs or symptoms appear. If this happens, the miscarriage should be monitored to ensure complications do not arise. An ultrasound can verify that the pregnancy is viable and progressing normally.

You deserve to have all the facts when making your decision, and your wellness should always be safeguarded. We encourage you to not skip this important step.

Stop by today and allow our compassionate team of medical professionals to provide you with ou the answers you need.

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