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Pregnancy testing is the first step to confirming pregnancy and getting the answers you need to plan your next step.

At APRCC, we provide these tests at no cost. If you believe you may be pregnant, we invite you to make an appointment today and let our caring medical professionals assist you.

How Do Pregnancy Tests Work?

Pregnancy tests work by detecting a hormone called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, also known as hCG. This hormone is produced during pregnancy and starts to build shortly after conception. HCG can be detected in urine and blood samples.

Once enough of this hormone has built up in the body, it can be detected on a pregnancy test, resulting in a positive sign. If no hormone is observed, the test result will be negative.

What Happens If I Test Too Early?

Testing too early can lead to a false negative. This is because hCG hasn’t had sufficient time to build in your system. The pregnancy test will be negative if this hormone can’t be detected.

This is why it’s best to wait until after you missed period to test, to ensure you’re getting the right results the first time.

How To Prepare?

Staying hydrated as usual is the best way to prepare for a pregnancy test. Don’t over-hydrate, as this can dilute your urine sample and cause inaccurate results.

What’s The Next Step?

After receiving a positive pregnancy test, an ultrasound scan is the next step to confirm your pregnancy. This is because a pregnancy test cannot tell you the following:

  • If the pregnancy is viable. Many pregnancies, not usually due to anything the woman has done, end in a miscarriage.
  • The gestational age of the pregnancy. This is important to understand what options are available to you.
  • The location of the pregnancy. It’s critical for the pregnancy to be located in the right place to protect your wellness.

All of these questions can be answered by an ultrasound, which is why it’s the next step after a positive pregnancy test.

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