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Recovering emotionally after an abortion can be a deeply personal and complex process, as it encompasses a range of emotions that may include relief, sadness, grief, or guilt. 

It’s not uncommon to have these feelings stirred up at any time, even years after undergoing the procedure.

Emotional recovery is attainable; you don’t have to get there alone. At APRCC, we are here to listen and support you from the beginning. Starting a conversation with us can be the first step toward healing.

Take Time To Process

Taking the time to process your emotions is a good way to start recovering from an abortion. This period allows you to acknowledge and confront these complex feelings, enabling you to move through them at your own pace.

Understand that there’s no predetermined timeline for healing. 

Allowing yourself to feel without judgment or pressure can lead to deeper emotional resilience. Practice self-care, which includes activities that bring you comfort and relaxation, such as reading, walking in nature, and ensuring you get enough rest.

This will help you pave the way for genuine healing. Remember to treat yourself with kindness and recognize the strength it takes to navigate this challenging emotional landscape.

Seek Support

Support can come in various ways, and you may have some without realizing it. Lean into trusted friends, family, a partner, or anyone in your life who offers a non-judgmental and understanding presence.

Beyond just listening, loved ones can offer practical support, such as helping with day-to-day tasks or doing things with you, which can alleviate stress and give you the space to focus on healing. Their presence can combat feelings of isolation.

Maybe you don’t have someone you feel comfortable sharing these emotions with. That’s okay! You can find a confidential and safe space with us through our PACE (Post Abortion Counseling And Education) program. 

Start Your Recovery

We’ve provided some small steps you can take on the road to recovery. You can do it! And APRCC is here to help you every step of the way.

Contact us to make a free appointment with our compassionate team today.

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