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Have you previously experienced an abortion and are now unexpectedly pregnant again? We recognize the challenges you may be facing. There are two other options to consider: adoption and parenting. Here is some information to help you explore these possibilities further.

Or, if you’d like to talk to someone one-on-one, visit us at APRCC. We’re here to provide you with resources, information, and education on your options. Contact us to get started. 

Adoption: A Loving Choice 

Adoption can be emotionally challenging but, at the same time, highly rewarding. You get the chance to provide a family with the opportunity to raise a child. 

Adoption has seen many changes in recent years. Now, you can take part in every step of the process, from choosing the adoptive parents to the level of communication. 

Several adoption plans are available, including open, semi-open, and closed adoptions. Each plan offers a different level of contact: a closed adoption ensures complete confidentiality, while an open adoption allows you to maintain a bond with your child.

Although the decision to pursue adoption is entirely yours, adoption agencies can assist you in navigating the options and finding the best fit for your circumstances.  You may also receive financial and material support.

Parenting: A Path of Love and Growth

Choosing to parent your child is a significant decision, filled with opportunities for love and personal growth. It allows you to build a deep and meaningful bond with your child, nurturing them through every stage of life.

As a parent, you’ll experience the joy of witnessing your child’s milestones and achievements. From their first steps to their graduation, each moment becomes a cherished memory. Parenting also brings challenges, but with the proper support and resources, you can provide a stable and loving environment for your child to thrive.

Numerous programs and services are available to help you succeed as a parent. Financial assistance, parenting classes, and community support groups are just a few resources designed to help you navigate the path of parenthood.

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APRCC is here to provide you with free pregnancy services, STI testing, resources, and education to help you feel equipped to deal with an unexpected pregnancy. 

Our compassionate team is ready to give you support and assistance with understanding all your available options.

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