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If you’re pregnant again after an abortion and exploring options, you have several choices. Abortion is the only way to end the pregnancy, but you might also consider parenting or planning for adoption. 

Both options require thoughtful consideration and planning. Although we don’t directly handle adoptions, APRCC offers free, confidential pregnancy services and help to understand all your options thoroughly.


Deciding to parent is complex and requires thoughtful consideration of many factors. Providing a child with a stable and secure environment that addresses their physical and emotional needs is essential.

If you’re questioning your ability to be a good parent, ask yourself these questions as you evaluate your options:

  • Can I give my child the love, support, and compassion they need?
  • Will I be able to provide necessities like food, clothing, and a home for my child?
  • Is my job stable, and do I have childcare options?
  • What kind of support systems do I have in place?
  • Will my partner and I be raising our child together?

You may not have answers to all these questions or feel 100% prepared to parent, but that’s okay! No one is ever fully prepared for the challenges of parenthood. Rather, it’s something that you grow and learn from.

It’s not something you have to do by yourself either. APRCC offers various educational programs to help you learn and feel more prepared to raise a child. We also provide material support.


Adoption is a compassionate option that offers various choices. For instance, you can select the adoptive family, decide the level of communication you wish to maintain with them and determine how much they know about you.

The decision to place your child for adoption can be an emotional experience, making it crucial to consult with an adoption counselor beforehand. An adoption counselor will guide you through your choices and outline the support resources available. 

Adoption services cost the birth parents nothing. The potential adoptive couple covers your medical and legal expenses. And other pregnancy-related costs may be covered, too.

We can provide referrals to reputable adoption agencies to help you begin your search.

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While these other options require carrying your pregnancy to term, don’t feel like abortion is the only option. Both parenting and adoption are loving decisions you can make in the face of an unexpected pregnancy. 

APRCC is here for you, so you don’t have to navigate these options alone. Get free pregnancy services, resources, information, and more to make a confident choice.

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